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  • Metal Detecting Old City Parks

    Metal Detecting Old City Parks

    Metal detecting old city parks with a Minelab E-TRAC. The first signal came in as a 11-44 about 7 inches down, and in the hole was a Mercury dime. The second target had an ID of 13-46 about 6 inches down and was another Mercury dime. Another find had an ID of 12-45 with a high tone down about 7 inches, again a Mercury dime. Finally a change with a 12-46 down 7 inches, a […]

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  • Coin Hunting On Public Ground

    Coin Hunting On Public Ground

    Coin hunting on public ground proves worthwhile. The first find of the day is a Civil War era store token. The second target dug turns out to be a fat Indian Head penny. The third target dug was a deep coin, a well soiled V nickel. The next plug yields two Indian Head pennies. Moving to a new location, the next signal brings a Buffalo nickel out of the ground. Another deep signal brings yet […]

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  • Public Park Metal Detecting

    Public Park Metal Detecting

    October 23, 2012 public park metal detecting using a Minelab E-TRAC. First area to be searched is a soccer field where he has previously found some silver coins. A 12-44 target ID brings the first plug being dug. This target turns out to be a Wheat cent. Other early targets dug were a military pin, sergeant strips pin and a Jefferson nickel. A rare 1-47 signal yields six silver rings intertwined together, maybe making a […]

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  • Metal Detecting Silver and Gold

    Metal Detecting Silver and Gold

    Once again metal detecting silver and gold at those hunted out parks. The Minelab E-TRAC IDs a 12-44 about 4 inches down, hole dug and out pops a Mercury dime. While finding five Wheat cents, another plug is dug for the second silver of the day, a Roosevelt dime. Next hunt takes place at a baseball field. A good signal is received behind the backstop where a Silver Roosevelt dime is dug about 9 inches […]

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  • Detecting Woods Near Boy Scout Camp

    Detecting Woods Near Boy Scout Camp

    Metal detecting woods near Boy Scout camp on video. This particular metal detector enthusiast, TreasureBone, uses a Fishers Labs F70. Started out finding some old coins, two Wheat cents and a 1947 nickel. It’s just a matter of time until a silver coin shows up in the plug. Then it happens, a 1951 Washington silver quarter. Other finds included a Boy Scout medal and a couple of handkerchief clasps. How about him losing his Lesche […]

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  • Harassed In New Jersey

    Harassed In New Jersey

    September, 2012 video about being harassed while metal detecting in New Jersey. Detecting on a vacant lot where a house once stood. First signal revealed a piece of aluminum foil with a 1916 Mercury dime underneath. Another silver Merc is found, but the hunt ends abruptly. Detecting on private property with permission and still being told to leave by the police. They said someone called in and complained about the digging. The police told the […]

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  • Metal Detecting 1800′s Sites

    Metal Detecting 1800′s Sites

    Video about metal detecting 1800′s sites using a Minelab E-TRAC. The first hunt was at an old schoolhouse site without finding any coins. What was found, was the outhouse location and with that several nice bottles were dug. Second hunt was at a farm dating back to the 1850′s. The first coin found, an 1888 Indian Head penny, was laying on top of  the surface out in the field. The second coin found, on an […]

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  • Metal Detecting In Fairbanks, Alaska

    Metal Detecting In Fairbanks, Alaska

    September 2012 video about metal detecting in Fairbanks, Alaska. This hunt is taking place at the Ken Kunkel community center and park. The first signal today was two dimes hidden below the grass, didn’t even have to dig for them. The next decent find was a guitar earring, again just below the grass. Two big coins were also found at this sports field complex, a 1973 Kennedy Half Dollar and a Canadian Dollar coin (Loonie). […]

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  • Metal Detecting With the Minelab E-TRAC

    Metal Detecting With the Minelab E-TRAC

    September 2012 metal detecting hunt with the Minelab E-TRAC captured on video. First plug dug yields not one, but two silver Mercury dimes. Not a bad way to start the day. Second plug dug was another silver dime. Plug number three yields another silver target, a 1953 D Roosevelt dime. Hole number four produces an Indian Head penny. The next two plugs were a 1946 Roosevelt dime and another Indian Head penny. Lots of silver […]

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  • Another Productive Metal Detecting Hunt

    Another Productive Metal Detecting Hunt

    Video of a September 2012 productive metal detecting hunt. The first plug dug contained two coins, a 1919 S Wheat Cent and a 1939 D Mercury Dime. After that dig there was an equipment failure, a Raven digging  tool broke into two pieces. The second find was a large .925 arrowhead earring with a turquoise stone. The next target was a little odd, 2/3 rd’s of a 1919 Mercury Dime, which had been cut on […]

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