Digging Silver Coins

September 2012 video of digging silver coins while metal detecting. This area being shown today has given up a lot of silver coins in the past. Let’s see if the trend continues. Digging the first plug yields a 1951 Washington quarter. The second find is pretty shallow and is a 1949 Roosevelt dime. After digging a triangular plug the third silver coin of the day is dug, a 1944 Washington quarter. This hunting location has produced 5 silver quarters this year. Find number four turns out to be a 1940 Mercury dime. Silver find number five was almost missed as it was in with some trashy items. The 1960 D Roosevelt dime was found down about 2 inches and was in the sidewall of the plug. The sixth silver coin find of the day was a 1942 S Mercury dime,

This metal detecting enthusiast has found 84 silver coins so far while metal detecting this year. Today’s question: how many silver coins have you found in one year? Click the LIKE for all of those silver coins being dug.



  1. enjoyed seeing all those silver coins recovered. great hunt.