Garrett Ace 250 For Beginners

Is the Garrett Ace 250 the best metal detector for beginners? This video will take a look a that question and also give a general description of the detectors controls and settings. The Garrett Ace 250 has 5 different modes of operation which are: 1) All Metal 2) Jewelry 3) Custom 4) Relics 5) Coins. The Ace 250 has multiple signal tones which allows you to determine your target without looking down at the detector to see what the target ID numbers are. The Garrett Ace 250 review includes a hunt at a well searched site to see if any targets can be dug. Even with the stock searchcoil this detector obtains a decent search depth. So for under $215.00 you can get a good beginner metal detector from Garrett, who is a well respected company in this hobby.

The Garrett Ace 250 is a well built detector that is easy to use for beginners and is pretty stable on many types of ground conditions. If you would like to help people who are new to this hobby and have a suggestion on which metal detector you think is a good beginners unit, write your selection in the comment box below. Click the LIKE button to salute all of the beginners who wish to join this fun and rewarding hobby. Happy hunting.