Old Homestead Coin Hunting

Coin hunting at an early 1900′s homestead. Using a Minelab E-Trac to unearth over 100 coins. On one find a signal was detected at 8 inches unveiling a rusted out bottle cap, directly underneath the bottle cap was a 1912-D V nickle. The Minelab E-Trac was able to penetrate the junk target revealing the desirable V nickle. Once you obtain permission to hunt these old sites, remember to always fill in your holes. Doing so will enable you to go back again at a later date.

In this video, the detector operator walks you through the different number readouts, how deep the target is located and you get to watch him uncover targets that have been buried for decades. If you need a hobby why not think about taking up metal detecting. You never know what you might dig up. Check back often as new metal detecting videos are added daily. Click the Like button if you enjoyed this coin shooting adventure.