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  • Good Day Metal Detecting

    Good Day Metal Detecting

    A good day metal detecting in the early spring of 2012 at a local park. Using a Minelab E-TRAC metal detector to uncover some interesting finds during this video. Seeing silver in the hole you’ve just dug is a great feeling. This particular detectorist found several silver items on these couple of hunts. He also finds a coin you don’t often dig, a 1974 Eisenhower dollar. Thanks for watching.

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  • 2 Property Weekend Hunt

    2 Property Weekend Hunt

    Metal detecting video, a 2 property weekend hunt on December 8 – 9, 2012. Watch as he pulls a boat load of Wheat cents and some silver out of the ground. One silver item, a sterling teaspoon, weighed in at 48 grams. Also found was a 1941 Walking Liberty Half dollar. Once again thanks for watching.

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  • 1700′s Saw Mill

    1700′s Saw Mill

    Metal detecting video at a 1700′s saw mill site. This hunt  takes place over several days. The area hunted includes the homesite of the family which owned the saw mill. Lots of finds found during this metal detecting hunt, including two 85 signals from his White’s metal detector. Watch as he digs these two targets live. Thanks for watching.

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  • Maine Metal Detecting Before Winter

    Maine Metal Detecting Before Winter

    Maine metal detecting before winter sets in is exactly what this detectorist is doing in this video. Temperatures are starting to drop and the ground is beginning to freeze. Using a Garrett AT Pro, this metal detecting enthusiast is just digging strong signals on the local football field. The typical clad coins were found and also a few older coins. Two pieces of silver were also dug, a .925 ankle bracelet and a 1945 Washington […]

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  • Detecting 1940′s Apartment Complex

    Detecting 1940′s Apartment Complex

    Metal detecting at a 1940′s apartment complex that is still being used today. Not much trash at this dig site and maybe never hunted before. This metal detector enthusiast finds silver coin number 150 and 151 for the year. He also finds a whopping 30 Wheat cents, with one hole containing a spill of five. Not too bad for less than a two hour hunt. Thanks for watching.  

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  • Minelab E-TRAC Goes Deep

    Minelab E-TRAC Goes Deep

    Minelab E-TRAC goes deep and finds a 1941 Washington quarter at a little over 9 inches. This metal detecting enthusiast has now found over two hundred silver coins in 2012. Only two silver coins dug on this metal detecting video, but still a good day hunting. Thanks for watching.

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  • Silver Coins at the Park

    Silver Coins at the Park

    Two buddies metal detecting at the park and digging silver coins. A couple of metal detecting hunts on this video at an old park with lots of buried trash. This old park is still giving up some silver coins, but you have to listen for the high tones among the trash signals. See which buddy finds the most silver coins. Thanks for watching.

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  • Metal Detecting Hunt With Granddaughter

    Metal Detecting Hunt With Granddaughter

    Metal detecting hunt with his granddaughter. She found her first dollar coin, a Sacagawea Dollar, using a White’s Coinmaster Pro. It’s grandfathers turn, he finds a 1984 Kennedy Half Dollar, his first of the year. Finds between the two detectorists totaled over $5 in clad coins and a couple of old buttons. A great way to spend the day with a young family member. Thanks for watching and keep digging.

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  • Grid Plan For Huge Mansion

    Grid Plan For Huge Mansion

    Huge mansion site that yielded eleven silver items last time out metal detecting with the Minelab E-TRAC. This time calls for a strategy of a 10 x 20 grid plan. The strangest find on this video was 4 coins wrapped in duct tape, the coins were pennies. Another was a plastic film canister filled with 13 clad quarters, making it a mini coin cache. A nice productive hunt which produced silver jewelry, silver coins and […]

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  • Fisher Gold Bug 2 Nugget Hunt

    Fisher Gold Bug 2 Nugget Hunt

    Nugget hunt using a Fisher Gold Bug 2. The location of this video is Tumco, California, next to the Tumco gold mine. This prospector shows how to ground balance the Gold Bug 2 and where to search for those elusive gold nuggets while detecting. While searching in a dry wash, the Gold Bug sounds off with a zip zip tone. Right at the end of some shale bedrock is where the signal is coming from. […]

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