Relics From Confederate Camp in Louisiana

Video shows relics from Confederate camp in Louisiana found metal detecting. Cajun Coin Hunter, using a Fishers Lab F75, with his dog Hank out searching for Civil War relics. The first find of the day was a piece of fired canister shot five inches down. The next find is a single groove .44 caliber Colt Dragoon revolver bullet. More nice finds are two near perfect .54 cal 3 ring dropped bullets. Lots of other lead pieces are also being found searching in this old Confederate campsite. Then when searching on an old trail a 1853 Seated Liberty Half, with a hole punched in it, was dug about 4 to 5 inches down.

This particular southern Louisiana metal detecting hunt produced some very nice finds. Remember to always get permission to hunt on private property. Today’s question: how many metal detector enthusiasts take their dogs with them? Click the LIKE button for the Civil War relic hunt.



  1. good hunt,always good to have mans best friend to go on a hunt with you,he enjoys digging to.keep up the good work.